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Dark of the Moon
Wine &

I've been oil pulling for the past eight days, every morning as soon as I wake up. Can't say that I've noticed any effects, positive or negative, yet, but I plan on continuing for at least a month. I've been using organic sunflower oil. Doesn't say on the bottle if it's refined or not, so I'm assuming it is. (You'd think they'd advertise it being unrefined, wouldn't ya?) The first few articles I read prior to starting complained about the taste, but, frankly, it doesn't bother me. Call me crazy, but my sunflower oil doesn't have any taste at all. The first pull was probably the hardest. Turns out, 1 tablespoon is actually a LOT to hold in your mouth (especially if your mouth is small, like mine), and 20 minutes is a LONG time. I somehow managed to do it, and it does get easier. I really recommend keeping yourself busy during - reading, watching TV, surfing the 'net, etc. What exactly am I trying to achieve? I'd like to improve my overall well being, particularly my oral... (more)

Into The Air
dirty dirt.
Something has been bothering me lately. A lot. It's the world. It's everything that is wrong with the world. Our planet is being destroyed by the people it provided a home for. There's homelessness and starvation and corruption everywhere. It hurts me so much to think about it all. What hurts me even more is that it's not something that cannot be fixed. We're entirely capable of reducing the damage that we are doing to the earth and the animals. We are entirely capable of reducing our own individual impact on the earth. It's not even expensive. It's cheaper. It would also have this amazing trickle down effect for our health and wellness. The thing is, people don't want to. They don't want to change. And they either don't care, or don't understand what we are doing to this planet. What's even more odd about this whole situation is the number of people in this country alone who claim a religion and claim to love God. If you love God, why aren't... (more)

.: LifeHasBegun:.
Cerita Raya Tahun Ini
Nak letak tajuk entry pun jenuh kena fikir panjangggg... Seperti yang di jangka, raya tahun ini memang agak kureng skit sebab mak tak berapa sihat. Bab makan memang masing-masing masak la cari resepi mana yang rasa boleh masak bagi orang makan. Tiada lagi mee kuah mak teh tahun ini. Mak terberdaya langsung tak nak buat apa. Tak perlah mak. Rehat lah tahun ini, biar kami adik beradik yang uruskan rumah. Aku berkesempatan cuti awal raya tahun ini. Bermula hari rabu dah cuti. Sempatlah kemas-kemas rumah, buat kuih 2-3 jenis dengan Dayah. Kuih beli pun hanya 4 jenis tahun ini. Itu pun sebab tak sampai hati nak tolak bila orang datang jual. Beli jugaklah sikit-sikit. Kuih yang wajib buat di rumah adalah semperit and cornflakes. Buat sendiri boleh dapat banyak skit. Then ada tambah biskut susu and biskut butang (Dayah bagi nama) hehehe.. Nanti lah letak gambar-gambar kuih. Sebenarnya tak banyak ambik gambar pun. Ada la 2-3 keping. Juga tiada acara salam menyalam secara formal.... (more)

Power outage among other things..
Good grief! Hello darling; I've been having all kinds of things happening while the night slipped it's moorings and raced off into the new day without my noticing! It is now nearly one in the morning - and I've only just now had a moment to myself; I've left the living room where it belongs, traversed the distance between gearing up for bed (including teeth cleansing and other vital actions etc) and making a temp solution to the problem with a power outage over half of the apartment's electricity supply!I haven't a clue really what happened, all I know is the kettle went off; the power to the Notebook lappy (that lives in the lounge) went off and I have been forced to resort to temporary measures to see to it that things are okay as far as I could at this time of night. I didn't realise until I opened my little computer here in the arctic zone, that the light indicating the battery has gone out too. So no idea how long I'll be able to access the net unless I take this out to the... (more)

art for soul elevation in new earth, end of primal-demo
nic arts

ART FOR SOUL ELEVATION IN NEW EARTH, END OF PRIMAL-DEMONIC ARTS Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra Brotherhood of Light 02 October 2012 Kapayapaan at Pag-ibig! Peace and Love! This White Robe, messenger & teacher, forthcoming Guardian, will focus on the thematic content and ‘elevative’ purpose of arts for this note. For the entire duration of the Kali Yuga, there has been an observed cycle across two extremes: (a) outerworldly arts and (b) sensate arts. Prof. Ptirim Sorokin, in his book Crisis of Our Age, was able to capture this pattern in his circular-cyclical model of culture across the epochs. As the Old Earth ends, art themes have already degenerated to the most sensate state conceivable. This state I would prefer to label as Primal-Demonic, whereby the arts portray the grossest, densest attachments to Desire. Even those purportedly sweet music that are of pop music genres (e.g. pop/ballad, jazz fusion,... (more)

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