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Daily Devotion
False Accusers
Date: Wednesday, May 27, 2015 Chapters: Job 4-6 Message Title: False Accusers Hello My Friend, As Christians, there are times in our lives when we know we have sinned and the punishment we get while not joyous, comes with a good lesson. So, what happens when we feel as though we are being punished when we haven't sinned? Everyone decides to butt in and find out what the meaning of all of it is, surely, there is some kind of hidden sin in your life. That is when we need to step away, block all those negative people and look to God. Regardless of whether or not we are being afflicted through sin or nothing at all, all affliction comes with a good lesson and it too will come to pass. “Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby. Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees; And make straight paths for your feet, lest that... (more)

Verse But let justice run down like water, and righteousness like a mighty stream. Amos 5:24 NKJV Study Bible Voice Without justice and love, peace will always be the great illusion. Dom Helder Camara Prayer God, mold our hearts that we may never pray for peace without praying for justice and love. Amen.

Dark of the Moon
Leonard Cohen
I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel You were talking so brave and so sweet Giving me head on the unmade bed While the limousines wait in the street Those were the reason and that was New York We were running for the money and the flesh And that was called love for the workers in song Probably still is for those of them left Ah, but you got away, didn't you, babe? You just turned your back on the crowd You got away, I never once heard you say I need you, I don't need you, I need you, I don't need you And all of that jiving around I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel You were famous, your heart was a legend You told me again you preferred handsome men But for me you would make an exception And clenching your fist for the ones like us Who are oppressed by the figures of beauty You fixed yourself, you said, "Well never mind We are ugly but we have the music" And then you got away, didn't you, baby? You just turned your back on the crowd You got away, I never once heard you... (more)

Nettle's Musings
Early Summer 2015
At work I am now a Keyholder, I am able to open and close the store myself. I was nervous when I put myself forward, but I have been doing this for several months now and I am confident. Another person was promoted to keyholder before me, which I have to admit I was a bit annoyed about as I had seniority,then they decided to make me a second keyholder, but in the end she got demoted. Personally I didn't feel she was doing a good job, particularly counting the money, and the girls found her too bossy, but what put the final nail in her coffin was upsetting a customer who then complained to head office. Our manager had no choice, she had already been written up, and head office wanted action taken. Currently I am getting a LOT of hours, as one of our assistant managers is helping at another store. So I am rather tired, but on the other hand the money is good and we have a big trip to Europe coming up. My husband's long held dream of going to Dieppe is finally coming true. In... (more)

Beverly A. Hines
Red Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit You
Red is always used in bridesmaid dresses, because red is the color of every season. It is not difficult to choose a red bridesmaid dress that fits your girls. As red is a neutral color and is one color that if accessorized well can suit just anyone can look and feel sizzling sexy. Red can also boast a flair for rich taste. When most modern brides still choose traditional white gowns to shine on their big day, these festively colored bridesmaid dresses are such a nice ideal choice to add real flare to accent the blissful aura on the spot. What' s more, even kept simple and sleek, a well-cut dress in this color can be also amazingly beautiful to draw all attentions everywhere. Plus, the color palette of red and white is magically intriguing. If you are not blessed with much of a height then wearing a red a-line dress with an empire waist is a great idea as it will emphasize height and your legs will appear to look as full and appealing. If the wedding is to take pace in summer... (more)

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